What exactly is

Your Child's Place?

Your Child's Place is a specialized pediatric child care center for infants and children who demand skilled nursing care while their parents or caregivers are at work or school.

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Here, children benefit from decreased hospitalizations, faster rehabilitation times, and reduced isolation. Your child’s prescribed therapies and instructional needs are facilitated by our staff. We are equipped to handle any medical emergency that may arise.

Your Child's Place is a

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Home Health Care

The Registered Nurses and Child Care Professionals at Your Child's Place care for serious ongoing illnesses or chronic conditions. This pediatric child care center is equipped to handle conditions that require constant or periodic medical treatment and the use of medical devices.

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Who Belongs at

Your Child’s Place?

Our extended care center is open to children who:

  • Are at least 6 weeks of age with complex medical needs

  • Qualify for in-home nursing services

  • Have a short-term need for outpatient rehabilitation or nursing care

  • Have long-term medical needs including those who are ventilator-dependent

  • Have either recently undergone surgery or need short-term care in a supervised environment until they recover